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kompozice Velvet Geisha eshop 7 2019 LO RES

Non-alcoholic sparkling drink in a limited edition. The velvety delicate flavor of green tea in combined with the ease of lavender and apricots. A perfect and original...

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samurai shot GREEN kompozice mini

Freshness of Vietnamese green tea with fruity aroma, bitter taste at the beginning and sweet, long herbal aftertaste of holly. Awakens the taste buds, refreshes, boosts and...

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samurai shot DARK kompozice mini

Earthiness of Chinese black tea Pu-Erh. The citrus taste is refreshing at the beginning, ending with an aftertaste of dark chocolate and herbs. Awakens the taste buds,...

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samurai shot SWEET FLOWER kompozice mini

The fineness of green Japanese tea is covered by the sweetness of cane sugar, flavored with rose, lychee and grapefruit petals. The whole combination creates a deliciously...

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Masala Spicy kompozice ESHOP

Based on a traditional Indian recipe of a spicy milk drink with black tea. Masala is a "blend" composed of several kinds of warming spices. You will find a strong blend with no...

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Mate Rio image eshop 2

Refreshing and kicking taste of Brazilian maté combined with a flavor of passion fruit and citrus. A perfect summer drink. Awakens the taste buds, refreshes, boosts and...

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eshop Matcha Booster 18 11 2016 02

Inspired by modern Japanese culture. It combines a strong leach of two types of green tea - Sencha in combination with Matcha tea enhances its effects and highlights a strong...

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White Moon eshop image 2

A refined delicacy of white tea with hemp and coconut sugar. The whole combination creates a taste similar to dry, wood-scented rum or whiskey. Awakens the taste buds,...

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