PURE ENERGY without preservatives, colorants and thickeners. Gluten free and 100% vegan.
NATURAL BOOSTER, great to overcome fatigue while driving, working or studying
GOOD AFTER A MEAL, helping your body digest the big lunch
STRONG EXTRACT brewed for over 12 hours using quality teas and herbs
UNIVERSAL HELP with 4 beverage alternatives from one bottle
12 LARGE PORTIONS a lot of energy packed in just one bottle
ALCOHOL-FREE, intended for drivers and temporary or permanent abstainers
HEALTHY TEA CAFFEINE contained in one large shot is comparable to 0.25 liter of a conventional energy drink
STAYS FRESH as we guarantee quality for 1 month after opening, and 1 year after production
FULLY SUGAR FREE – the varieties Bitter Green, Pure Dark and Matcha Booster without added sugar
CZECH ORIGINAL CONCEPT - idea and realization come from Czech minds



1/ How to store Samurai shot?
It doesn’t matter whether you store it in the fridge or on the shelf.
We guarantee quality and freshness of our drink for 1 month after the opening.
Sealed bottles stay fresh for one year.
But remember – it tastes different when chilled, compared to drinking it at a room temperature. Everyone prefers their own way and it’s best to try and see what you like best.
If you keep a bottle of Sweet Flower (with added sugar) open for over a month, we recommend storing it in the fridge. Varieties without sugar will stay fresh for longer – up to three months (although we cannot guarantee). We use a necessary, minimal amount of preservatives in order to keep the drinks fresh and pure.

2/ How exactly does the stimulation effect of Samurai shot work?
Quality tea has a wide range of positive effects. It primarily works for two parts of the body. In your stomach, it boosts digestion and metabolism. This is because tea absorbs fats and alcohol well. Your head is another important part, as tea effectively boosts concentration, much more so than any classic caffeine drinks. We also receive amazing feedback from customers with low blood pressure.

3/ Is Samurai shot made in Czech Republic?
Yes, it is powered by a 100% Czech know-how, 100% Czech capital and a 100% Czech production.

4/ How to drink Samurai shot?
We recommend four ways how to consume Samurai shot extracts.
In form of a SHOT, thanks to which you will enjoy the strength and flavor at one go.
Mixed with cold or hot water, you will get an ICED TEA or a HOT DRINK, respectively.
You can also mix it up as a COCKTAIL, adding fruit juice or syrup to create an original drink just as powerful.

5/ How and using what ingredients is Samurai shot made?
Samurai shot is made of high quality leafs of tea.
We focus on one-type teas of different processing (green, black, oolong, white).
The elaboration is a long process when the tea is hot-brewed for over 12 hours. We value simplicity, purity and distinct flavours.

6/ How is Samurai shot preserved?
Samurai shot is a pure and fresh drink.
We use only a minimal necessary amount of preservatives.
Bottles are preserved using Sorban E 202, which is not on the list of harmful preservatives.
It enables the guarantee of freshness for 1 month after the opening, as it prevents tea fermentation.
Cans do not contain any preservatives, because they are intended for immediate consumption.

7/ Can Samurai shot be combined with alcohol?
Samurai shot can be combined with alcohol.
Tea aids your body to metabolize alcohol and therefore can help mitigate the morning hangover. It will make you invincible for the whole night.
However – be careful and consume responsibly.
Caffeine can conceal effects of alcohol, so it is advisable to know your limits.

8/ Can people with diabetes drink Samurai shot?
Samurai shot has a clear sugar policy.
Two out of three varieties in the basic edition are SUGAR FREE.
Special editions produced throughout the year are also made with low or no sugar.
There is no additional sugar in the can, although it does contain fructose which comes from pear extract.
Samurai shot is loved by people with VEGETARIAN, VEGAN and GLUTEN FREE diet.

9/ How can it work, if tea never worked for me as a booster?
One needs to bear in mind that a typically used tea bag weights approximately 1g.
The product inside the bag is a lower or the lowest quality.
In our products, we focus on QUANTITY as well as QUALITY of the used tea, which guarantees the effect of the drinks without side effects.

10/ How much caffeine is there in one shot or one can of Samurai shot?
The strength of Samurai shot doesn’t lie in a pile of sugar, but rather in a carefully selected TEA and its effects. As the composition of each drink variety is different, the results of caffeine tests also vary.
The strongest booster is PURE DARK (1 570 mg/l), followed by BITTER GREEN (1 480 mg/l). SWEET FLOWER (1 050 mg/l) is a quality alternative for those preferring something smoother.
And the can? Hold on tight… we make the calculations for you. There are TWO SHOTS of Samurai in a can. Thus the can is two times more powerful than a conventional energy drink, while avoiding harmful additives, colorants and excessive amount of sugar. In other words, it is a pure energy.

11/ Can I overdose on Samurai shot?
Certainly - please bear in mind that this is an extract of a pure, powerful tea. Make sure to know and respect your own limit. A sudden consumption of a large amount can cause upset stomach or cold sweat. A dosage depends on your constitution and many other factors, and thus varies from person to person. A maximum sudden intake should not exceed 1 dcl. Two shots in a short period of time are certainly functional and can be metabolized with no difficulty. Most people notice the boost almost immediately upon consumption.
Samurai shot is not a substitute for healthy and balanced diet. Do not consume when feasting.

Responses by the creator of our drinks: Jaromír Horák